Online Scheduler

New to our appointment system? No worries, it just takes a few times to get used to our system. Please call us if you need help! Otherwise, follow these simple instructions:

1. Click “New User” link at the bottom of the calendar.
2. Fill out the required information, as well as your email and create your own password, then click “register”.
3. Your registration will be complete and you will be logged in and brought back to the calendar.
4. On the left side, select ALL the services you want to schedule & pay for (even if they are at different times and dates). REMEMBER: If this is your first time using us, you will need to select “Nose to Nose” for your initial consultation so we can gather paperwork & get acquainted with your pets.
5. With all your services selected on the left, click the first date that you would like to schedule the first service.
6. Select the time that works best for you (for the first service).
7. Now…if you selected more than one service and you wish to have them happen on different days and times, select “Repeat Daily” at the bottom of the “Order Summary”.
8. Pick an end date
9. NOW you will have the option to delete and change times of all services to meet your schedule.
10. Click “next” after you have scheduled all your dates and times for your appointments.
11. Click “Book Now” to be forwarded to PayPal to pay for your services. You do not need to have a paypal account to use paypal – just click “I don’t have a paypal account” at the bottom of the PayPal payment screen.
12. That’s it! You will receive an email receipt and confirmation of your appointments, and you will receive reminder emails 12 hours before each appointment.