We are so thankful for the amazing clients we are privileged to serve on a regular basis. Here are some kind words that they have shared with us about our care of their sweet pets.

At Four Paws Companions™ LLC what is most important is that our clients are overjoyed with the service we provide to them and the care given to their beloved pets.




Kristy Is Wonderful

I would like to recommend Ms. Kristy Quinn and her business Four Paws Companions as a caretaker for your pets. Kristy has been a client at my business, Dessau Veterinary Clinic, for many years. She has proven to be an affectionate and attentive owner for her personal pets as well as the many rescue cases she has helped to foster. Kristy is responsible, compassionate and detail oriented. Her attention to the smallest detail has helped detect abnormalities in the health of her pets, as well as in more than one of the client pets' she cares for in the normal course of her business. Kristy is honest, reliable and genuinely treasures all the animals she cares for. We routinely recommend Kristy to our clients and have had nothing but positive feedback about her gentle handling of our clients' pets. We think she is wonderful!


Dr. Kellee K. Campbell, D.V.M., Dessau Veterinary Clinic

Kristy Truly Cares

We have used numerous pet sitting services over the past fourteen years. Kristy Quinn of Four Paws Companions was our most recent try.

We are very particular and very hard to impress and very hard to please when it comes to the care of our feline family members, but not only did Kristy please us (including the family members she cared for), but we are highly impressed.

Kristy has two major strengths: She is highly detailed; taking copious notes to ensure nothing is missed. She actually pays attention, listens and follows through. In our opinion, her greatest strength is that she truly cares. Her priority is the mental and physical welfare of the pets she is caring for over business prosperity. This means that Kristy provides a level of detailed care that exceeds sitting services that are in business for the sake of business. Having said that, I do believe that Four Paws Companions pricing rates are too low for the level of service provided.

We do wish Four Paws Companions a prosperous future. We look forward to many future sits.


Heidi and Ken, proud parents of BJ, Blue Eyes, Callie and Waffles

Committed To Excellence

Kristy did a magnificent job caring for our large pet household. She is a very conscientious and giving individual. It is evident that she is genuinely committed to the happiness of both the pet and the parent. Her love and commitment to what she does is reflected in both attitude and performance.

Thanks Kristy for having a positive impact on us and all of our kids.

Robbie and Charles, proud parents of Freudo, Penne, Brill, Ollie, Miss Sweetie, Smokey, Charlie, Buzz, Smokey Stripey, Willie, Daddy Cat, Buddy, Skipper, birds and squirrels.

Our Pets Love Her

I can't even put into words how grateful we are for Kristy. Our pets love her and we can tell she loves them. We have been using another pet sitting service but found ourselves being anxious every time we left our pets in their care that we decided to make a change. We are so happy to have found Kristy! We never experience anxiety  or worry when we leave our babies in her loving care. We have had situations come up with our home and with one of our pets getting sick. Kristy communicated with us the entire time and went above and beyond our expectations in handling both situations. HIGHLY recommend!!

Courtney and Karl, proud parents of Sage, Sox, Zilly and Zandra

Kristy Did A Great Job

Kristy took great care of my three dogs. They are a challenge since they are all so different in personality, sizes and ages. My six month old puppy is the biggest challenge -- teething and table manners. Kristy did a GREAT job! Kristy is sincere, caring and trustworthy. I will most definitely be using her services again in the future. I highly recommend her!!

Betty, proud parent of Doodle, Lilly and Daisy

Our Pets Took To Her Right Away

Xander and Thumper took to Kristy right away. They loved the attention that she gave them. It was so wonderful to come back from our trip and not have stressed animals to deal with!

Heather and Chris, proud parents of Anya, Thumper and Xander

Her Love Of Animals Is Clearly Evident

Kristy did an outstanding job from start to finish! She is both personable and professional and her love of animals is clearly evident. She goes out of her way to make both the pets and the 'pet parents' feel at ease and comfortable. We were able to truly relax on our trip knowing that our babies were in very capable hands.

Danielle, proud parent of Harley and Gus

Provides Love And Peace Of Mind

Four Paws Companions doesn't just provide basic care for your pet, they provide love and peace of mind. Priceless!

Angela, proud parent of Ginger

The Perfect Answer

Leaving town is hectic enough but leaving two pets in my home was even more worrisome. My dog and cat are generally well behaved. However, how they would react to a stranger taking care of them was another question. Kristy was the perfect answer. At the consult she put our minds at ease. The pets took to her right away. Kristy has a kind and gentle heart. Our pets sensed she was a part of the family. Kristy offered to take care of the little things that make leaving home easier. She asked about opening and closing blinds, turning lights on and off and offered to bring in packages, etc. Kristy did all she could to make sure our pets were kept in their regular routine. She even sent a picture each day of our "furry friends" to keep us in touch. We plan to use Four Paws Companions much more in the future.

Emily, proud parent of Katniss and Katie Rose

Compassionate And Caring Individual

Knowing that our pets were in such good hands we were able to totally enjoy our vacation. Kristy is a wonderful, compassionate, caring individual. We plan on using her expert care in the future.

Mary and Frank, proud parents of Barney, McGee, Flynn, Boyle, Sugar Bunny, Sponge, Delta, Amy, Cisco, birds and squirrels.

She Truly Loves Pets

Our cat Max quickly took a liking to Kristy which is very unusual for him. He usually runs and hides. She watched him while we were gone. She truly loves pets and we could tell it right from the moment we met her and our cat could too. We knew he would be loved, safe and well cared for. She is very thorough in her consultation and very detailed in her forms and asks questions. Max has found his new companion. We will surely use her in the future.

Roberta and Bill, proud parents of Max

Recommend Her Wholeheartedly

We have a big, high energy and emotionally sensitive dog. He took right to Kristy and could not have been in better hands. Her pictures and texts every visit were very reassuring. That was the best our dog has ever done in home for an extended period. We would recommend her wholeheartedly!

Kris and Chris, proud parents of Pecos

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Four Paws Companions. I know my pets were in the best of care and got lots of love. We will absolutely use this service again in the future.

Kathy and Omar, proud parents of Daisy, Bailey and Zoe

A Wonderful Pet Sitter

Kristy was absolutely wonderful with our two cats. Her attention to detail is very admirable. We are so glad for Kristy's services. We will definitely be using Four Paws Companions in the future.

Kimi and Kevin, proud parents of Chewie and Spud

A Fantastic Pet Sitter

We were nervous since this was the first time we hired a professional pet sitter. We usually trust friends and family but we just moved to the area and didn't know anyone. Kristy was fantastic with our three dogs! Our girls were happy and our home was secure. We will definitely be using Four Paws Companions again for our future travels. Thank you!

Kayte and CJ, proud parents of Honey, Nahla and Sugar

An Obvious Pet Lover

Kristy is wonderful, caring and an obvious pet lover. I felt 100% sure that my cat was taken care of and was treated as lovingly as I take care of him. She was in contact with me while I was gone and I knew he was doing well!

Jennifer, proud parent of Bob

Our Dog Was So Happy

This service was so mind settling and so convenient for us. Our dog Sasha was so happy when we returned. We will most definitely use Four Paws Companions in the future!

Bronwyn and Keith, proud parents of Sasha, Majesty and Brownie

A True Animal Lover

Kristy took great care of our dog while we were away. From the moment we met her we knew she was a true animal lover. Our dog was instantly drawn to her and really loved her. We have found our pet sitter!

Nicole, proud parent of Louie

Very Passionate And Detailed

We have used Four Paws Companions for several weeks now for our VERY active young dog. We have been so busy, we haven't had time to walk her or take her to the dog park. So Kristy comes several mornings each week, and walks her at a very fast pace - so when she comes back, she sleeps for several hours so we can get our work done (our dog, not Kristy!). A few mornings, she even took my mothers older small dog on a walk - and totally catered to her much slower pace. Kristy is detail oriented, passionate about pets, and our dog seems to instinctively know when she's coming! I HIGHLY recommend her services!

Janet, proud parent of Jade and Daisy May