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Shyloh in the Four Paws Companions PawsMobile

Shyloh Olivia Lee driving the PawsMobile

We understand that your pets are members of your family because we are pet parents ourselves. We offer a variety of options for spending quality time with your pets.

A traditional home pet care visit for us is 30-minutes. We will follow your pet care routine exactly per your instructions. Our pet sitting services are offered in a caring and supportive atmosphere.  We offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of our client’s individual needs to help provide the personal attention and loving care your pets are used to receiving from you.

In addition to our traditional home pet care visit (Paws Pet Care), we offer dog walking (Stroll n’sniff), potty relief care (Paws Relief Care), and for our feline households only we offer a service catered specifically to your kitties’ (Purrrfect Paws). We also offer other services such as a pet taxi service (PawsMobile) and more. For a more detailed perusal of the care services we offer, please scroll down to the middle of this page.

We are happy to cater to any special requests you may have because we’ll go out of our way to do everything we can to ensure your babies’ comfort during our visits. Please let us know what we can do to make your furry four-pawed family members have their best lives.


Vivienne Valentina Grace “Vivi”

We want to provide the best care for your pets and understand that each one of your pets has individual needs. This includes the number of visits per day your pets need to stay, happy and content while you are away.  Dogs are social animals and it is not natural for them to be left alone. And even though cats often appear aloof and distant that does not mean to say they do not need any companionship or contact with their care providers. Do not underestimate the security that your pets draw from knowing you are just there. Being away for short periods is one thing, but when you plan to be gone for longer periods your pets start to miss you and long for you and that is where we enthusiastically come in.  We rely upon our pet parents to let us know how many visits per day your pets need. We offer some recommendations for minimum visits per day for those parents without a doggie door.

Dogs 3 visits per day
Cats 1 visit per day
Small animals 1 visit per day

Also, we want to be sure your pets’ tummies don’t go empty. We’ll make sure your pets don’t go hungry in the unlikely event you forget something, and we’ll always make sure they don’t go unloved. We will also make sure their medication, or other supplies do not get low.

We have established a customary service area but we are happy to provide care to pet families outside our normal service area for a small additional fee.


Carolina Faith Amia “Coco”

Being pet parents ourselves we know it is hard to be away from your babies. For this reason, we provide after visit text updates along with pictures of your furry babies with after visit care notes, or we are always happy to call or email you if that’s your preference. We want you to enjoy your date, vacation and not feel guilty when you are away from your four-pawed children.


Giorgio Luciano “Giorgi”

We recognize that exercise for some pets is a challenge. Some dogs would rather nap on the sofa than run around the block. This does not make them lazy; for them lounging is an art. Whether you have a “couch potato” Beagle or a “loves to nap” Persian, Four Paws Companions™ LLC is here to help.  Let us give your cat or dog the daily exercise they need to stay fit (sorry, we can’t help your fish until the scuba gear arrives). Your pet sitter will come to your home with boundless  enthusiasm, ready to throw that ball, play with your kitty and its toys, go for a walk or simply get your pet up and moving onto a healthier life.  From walks and revitalizing activity as well as plenty hugs and kisses, we will work together to develop a personalized plan for the care of the pets in your home that meets your needs and budget. Our services are provided on an ongoing or as-needed basis.


Santino Christien “Santa”

Preeminent Care Services

Nose to Nose

This visit is our first greeting and we like to get “nose to nose” with your pets. Our complimentary consultation includes getting comfortable with us and making sure your pets feel the same. We’ll spend the necessary amount of time getting to know your loved ones in a safe environment so we won’t be a stranger when we come back while you’re away. We will carefully discuss your pet care needs, including your pets’ normal diet and exercise routine, administration of medications, vitamins, services requested, veterinary information and emergency contacts and other special requirements. We will go over forms thoroughly and ask you any necessary questions – and we welcome your questions for us. We will provide our insurance and references, and leave you with the confidence you need to leave your pets in our care. At the conclusion of this visit, we will ask for house keys and remuneration. You can rest assured that your personal information and house keys remain safe and secure with us. We ask that the consult visit be scheduled at least 5-7 days before you need your pets cared for. Please allow a minimum of 30-minutes to an hour for this visit.
  • each additional visit, $25

Stroll n'sniff

Does your dog like a faster pace walk or more of a leisure stroll? Many of our dogs have parents that work outside of the home which means dogs can be left alone for long hours during the day. Our private dog walk visit is perfect for dog parents who wish to have their dogs’ physical needs met. We will come to your home, leash up your canine and take them for a walk along their favorite path. They will be given fresh water upon their return and lots of love – cuddles and kisses. For your pets’ safety we do not allow dogs to drink from puddles and all dogs will be walked on a leash. Let us satisfy your dogs exercise needs, make them happy and then they’ll be ready to get back home where they love to be.
  • $25 (1 dog),  17 minute walk
  • $35 (1 dog),  27 minute walk
  • $45 (1 dog),  42 minute walk
  • $60 (1 dog),  57 minute walk
  • $90 (1 dog),  87 minute walk
  • each additional dog, $3

Paws Pet Care

Our in your home pet care services are customized to meet your specific pet care needs. Therefore, there is no need to worry about what to do with your pet when planning your vacation or business trip. Pets are given love, playtime, dog walking, feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning, brushing and medication if needed. We are available to make multiple daily visits to your home to ensure your pet will get the best care while you are away from home. Your pets are our highest priority, so we offer our clients’ options for the care of their pets.
  • $25 (1 pet),  17 minute visit
  • $35 (1 pet),  27 minute visit
  • $45 (1 pet),  42 minute visit
  • $60 (1 pet),  57 minute visit
  • each additional pet, $3

Paws Relief Care

When you got to go, you got to go!! We all have needs and your dog does too, so we will come to your home to let your dog outside into a safe area to relieve itself. They will be given fresh water and plenty of hugs and kisses. Our potty break care can give you, your floor, and most importantly your dog some welcome relief.
  • $25 (1 dog), 17 minute visit
  • each additional dog, $2

Purrrfect Paws

This visit is offered to feline households only. Cat parents can relax knowing that the litter box is cleaned each visit along with playtime, brushing and fresh food and water. We are experienced – you should see our collection of nose plugs. We cater to the needs of all feline personalities. Whether you have a total lap kitty, a catnip fanatic, or a playful pouncer, we will be sure to create a special care routine for your special feline. We want your kitty cats to be purrrfectly happy with our care. We provide after visit text updates so you know your kitty cat is having a fun time. We will brush their fur until they purrr.
  • $35 (1 cat), 27 minute visit
  • $45 (1 cat), 42 minute visit
  • each additional cat, $2

Auxiliary Care Services


Don’t have time to take your pet to the groomer or vet or another location? Let us “fetch” your pets and provide supervised transportation services to wherever they need to go. Our PawsMobile service is both convenient for you, and most importantly safe for your pet. We will transport your pets in a padded crate for their safety.
  • $25 (1 pet), 17 minutes, one-way
  • $60 (1 pet), 57 minutes, round trip
  • $2 per mile
  • each additional 15 minutes $10
  • each additional pet, $3

Medication Administration

We will administer pills, injections, and subcutaneous fluids. There is no charge for medications administered in food, treats or in pill pockets, but should oral administration or injections be required, prices are as follows:
  • Pills – $2 per pet oral administration each visit
  • Injections – $5 per pet administration each visit
  • Subcutaneous Fluids – $10 per pet administration each visit

Supplies Retrieval

Whether you are spending long hours at work, or away, and your pet’s food, medication, or other supplies are getting low, we have your “tail” covered. We’ll take care of any pet supply needs you may have. We’ll make sure your pets don’t go hungry, or without and we’ll always make sure they don’t go unloved.

  • $25 per delivery + cost of purchase

Home Lockout

If you are locked out of your home let us come to your rescue. This service is available to our clients that have granted us permission to keep their keys on file in a secure location for future services. Simply give us a call: we are happy to assist.
  • $27

Supplementary Surcharge Fees

Out of Area Service

We LOVE your pets! and don’t want to miss an opportunity to care for them. For this reason we will be happy to provide care to pet families outside our normal service area for a small additional fee.

  • $2 additional per mile

Key Return or Retrieve

If you have given us a key and ask that we return it after caring for your pets, or if we need to make a special trip to “retrieve” or return a key, a fee will apply in each case. To avoid this fee, please allow us to keep your key with us in our secure location so we can use it on future visits.

  • $20 per special trip

Holiday Surcharge

We love to care for your four-pawed loved one during the holidays…and help you as well enjoy your time with your friends and family. Listed below are the dates for 2023 on which an additional $25 holiday surcharge will apply:

  • New Year’s Day

    Shyloh Christmas Day

    My sweet Shyloh Christmas Day 2013

  • Spring Break
  • Easter (Weekend)
  • Mothers Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas
  • New Years Eve

Please keep in mind that the holidays are a busy time for us and availability is limited. We want to help our clients have a stress free holiday and be there for your pets. For this reason, we ask that you try to reserve your holiday pet care needs 6-7 weeks prior to your departure. However, should a last minute need present itself we will make every effort possible to accommodate our clients. We do not add any supplementary fees for such circumstances. Special cancellation requirements and fees for holidays apply so please refer to our cancellation section of our Policies.