Does your dog like a faster pace walk or more of a leisure stroll? Many of our dogs have parents that work outside of the home which means dogs can be left alone for long hours during the day. Our private dog walk visit is perfect for dog parents who wish to have their dogs’ physical needs met. We will come to your home, leash up your canine and take them for a walk along their favorite path. They will be given fresh water upon their return and lots of love – cuddles and kisses. For your pets’ safety we do not allow dogs to drink from puddles and all dogs will be walked on a leash. Let us satisfy your dogs exercise needs, make them happy and then they’ll be ready to get back home where they love to be.

  • $25 (1 dog),  17 minute walk
  • $35 (1 dog),  27 minute walk
  • $45 (1 dog),  42 minute walk
  • $60 (1 dog),  57 minute walk
  • $90 (1 dog),  87 minute walk
  • each additional dog, $3